"In the last 24 years, Cyberspace has grown from just an Internet Solutions provider to world-class solutions of choice on anything technological." - STANLEY ODUAH, COO Cyberspace

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Technology for us goes beyond Network or Software. It entails redefining the art of innovations in unique new ways which we continue to master and challenge to create solutions!

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“I joined Cyberspace since 1994, that is over 24 years ago. As I continue to rise and look back on my growth and that of the company, I don't for a second regret my decision to be a part of this family!” - Executive Director, Ndidi Joe

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With a mission to providing excellent value-added ICT services and cutting edge networking solutions, we continue to redefine every norm, challenge or technological difficulty.

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  • Cybercloud
  • Cyberpay
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  • Cyber Voice
  • Cyber Academy
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“Serving as a DFA in an organization that is ICT oriented could have its major challenges- but remaining put right here in the company for over 20 years simply means something must have been done well enough to keep me!” - DFA Victor Abulele