CSR - Empowerment

Being an active player in the ICT sector, we try as much as possible to play actively in the role of developing the next generation of engineers, software developers, technicians and gurus by giving back and empowering there in whichever way possible, ranging but not included to just;

  1. Support for NOUN Convocation Ceremony, National open University of Nigeria.
  2. Units of Laptop for WUSTO Library, Westley University Ondo.
  3. Units of Computers, Federal College of Education Asaba.
  4. Units of Computers, University Of Ibadan Distance Learning, Ibadan.
  5. Units of Computers, Kogi State Polytechnic Lokoja.
  6. Units of Computers, National Open University of Nigeria.

Annually, Cyberspace indulges in our non-profit scholarship program called Cyber Academy where we enroll young intelligent graduates and train them on Computer programming for a whole year, supporting them with monthly stipends and support to push their efforts.

Help us determine where to focus our efforts going forward. Where can we go together?
Send us your input at Bus-dev@cyberspace.net.ng