CSR - Education

At Cyberspace recognises the immense gap in the educational sector and realises how vital it is investing in the future of our today, as one of the building blocks of any nation; education to us, is considered a priority area for its CSR activities. The aim here is to continue to teach young minds and educate them, so that they make better leaders of tomorrow. This importance and relevance have been portrayed, the importance and relevance of education, we contribute to a number of initiatives, funding and building schools.

  1. Port Petroleum Training Institute Warri’s Convocation
  2. Donation of Laptops to University Of Ibadan Distance Learning Centre, Ibadan
  3. National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) Annual conference sponsorship
  4. Best Computer Student Award (N500,000.00) for five years, National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN)
  5. Endowment for 2 categories of Best Student in various departments- KOGI State Polytechnic, Lokoja